SOS Médecins Annecy provides continuous care, medical consultation during the week, by appointment only by contacting 36 24 (0,15 EUR/mn) for patients OUT OF SECTOR (see the sectors here), and for those whose attending doctor is not available (absent or unavailable).


The medical association  SOS Médecins Annecy et Agglomération is a structure guaranteeing permanent care 24/7, all year. It was created on September 1999. The association works in tight collaboration with attending physician, emergency departments, the hospitals and clinics of Annecy and its suburbs. It aims to ensure the continuity of care when your doctor is not available. The doctors of the association are on call during the week, weekends and on holidays. No doctor of the association is able to guarantee your regular medical monitoring, and can therefore not replace the role of your physician. The fees of our doctors are under contracted  as Sector 1.

SOS Médecins is a network of around 70 medical associations spread throughout France, and is represented at a federal level: SOS Médecins France.

SOS Médecins Annecy et Agglomération uses a call centre operating 24/7, that you can call by dialling the national number: 3624 (0,15 Euros/minute). Depending on the reason of your call, a consultation in our offices, a home visit or phone counselling may be offered. In the case of a severe emergency, it interconnects with the EMS, fire, police and other emergency services.

SOS Médecins Annecy et Agglomération is a  "Maison Médicale de Garde" (MMG, on-duty medical establishment) since 2004 following a certification by the DASS ratified by the CODAMU. This certification was renewed by the ARS in 2010. It allows for a full refund of the consultation that follows the base rate determined by Social Security.