As well as home appointments available by calling 36 24

Direct access to a consultation possible by calling 36 24
 :    From 9AM till 10PM
Weekends :
   Saturdays and Sundays from 9AM till 10PM

How to find us for consultations:

Consultations are available by appointment and are held at the following address:

 6 Rue Thomas Ruphy, Annecy 74000


Charter for Consultations by SOS Médecins Annecy et Agglomération

Consultations are available only by appointment by calling 3624 or 0825567474 and in the case of an impossibility to consult your attending Physician. It is an emergency consultation for which you cannot choose your Doctor. SOS Médecins cannot hold consultations for the following reasons:
• Prescription renewal
• Prescription of regular contraception
• Routine pediatric examination
• Gynecological care during pregnancy
• Vaccination
• Certification of aptitude for sports or other medical certificates
• Prescription of spa treatment
These conditions can be handled by your attending physician.