SOS MEDECINS ANNECY ET AGGLOMERATION is an association providing continuous care, 24/7 all year to the following cities of the Annecy region (as well as those in between):
Annecy, Annecy-le-Vieux, Cran-Gévrier, Meythet, Seynod, Vieugy, Vieux Vieugy, La Canaud, Bessonnet, Vergloz, Branchy, Le Treige, Saissy, Chaux, Meclaz, Balmont, Montagny-les-Lanches, Quintal, Chavanod, Corbier, Maclamod, Champanod, Poisy, Brassilly, Ronzy, Macully, Epagny, Metz-Tessy, Pringy, Promery, Ferrières, Argonay, Le Gros Chêne, Les Ronciers, Bromines-Sillingy

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